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There is no way around it: space is a luxury. So much so, it’s fast becoming a rare commodity – city dwellers can certainly attest. That’s why we’ve put together interior designer insights on how to make a small room look bigger. With these tips and tricks, you can make the tiniest of rooms feel like a spacious, luxurious abode.

In love with color and life, Casey Hardin spreads positive vibes wherever she goes, making the world a little brighter. Her interiors have a similar goal, namely, bringing joy and beauty into as many lives as possible. Casey’s passion paired with her expertise bring the most exquisite interiors. Read on to get to know the online interior designer! 

Few things are less challenging than moving house with one’s family. With all your life’s possessions in tow, your new home will take no small amount of imagination to become unequivocally you and daringly new. Read on to see one of our Decorilla designers at work as they transform a practically blank slate into a vintage eclectic living room with a Victorian air.


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